Ozg Social Investment Services are designed for Corporate Investors. Under this we guide investor to support the projects that deliver the maximum social benefit rather only profit.

Ozg Development Economists work with highly experienced local consultants and international experts in a particular domain to design and execute the projects.

Ozg offer services in following forms of social investments - shareholder activism, positive investment, community investment and impact investment.

Shareholder Activism

Shareholder activism efforts attempt to positively influence corporate behaviour. These efforts include initiating conversations with corporate management on issues of concern, and submitting and voting proxy resolutions. These activities are undertaken with the belief that social investors, working cooperatively, can steer management on a course that will improve financial performance over time and enhance the well being of the stockholders, customers, employees, vendors, and communities.

Positive Investment

Positive investment suggests a broad revamping of the industry's methodology for driving change through investments. This investment approach allows investors to positively express their values on corporate behaviour issues such as social justice and the environment through stock selection - without sacrificing portfolio diversification or long-term performance. Positive screening pushes the idea of sustainability, not just in the narrow environmental or humanitarian sense, but also in the sense of a company's long-term potential to compete and succeed.

Community investment

By investing directly in an institution, rather than purchasing stock, an investor is able to create a greater social impact: Money spent purchasing stock accrues to the stock's previous owner and may not generate social good, while money invested in a community institution is put to work. For example, money invested in a Community Development Financial Institution may be used by that institution to alleviate poverty or inequality, spread access to capital to under-served communities, support economic development or green business, or create other social good.

Impact investing

In Impact investing, an investor will actively seek to place capital in businesses and funds that combine financial and social returns. These businesses can thus provide social or environmental impact at a scale that purely philanthropic interventions usually cannot reach. This capital may be in a range of forms including equity, debt, working capital lines of credit, and loan guarantees. Examples in recent decades include many investments in microfinance, community development finance, and clean technology. Impacting investing has its roots in the venture capital community, and an investor will often take active role mentoring or leading the growth of the company or start-up. Impact investing has become prominent in development.